Utah First Credit Union Amp offers a range of parking options.

Regular parking opens at noon on the day of the show – and remember, the gates into the amphitheatre open an hour and a half before show time. Parking opens at noon on show days, while amphitheater gates open 90 minutes to two hours before show time.

Utah First Credit Union Amphitheater Parking

Guests attending the Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre have several parking options:


Available for all guests. The price of this parking lot is included with your event ticket. Traffic flow is controlled by local law enforcement, and due to the number of visitors, it can be extremely busy when arriving or leaving at peak times. As such, early arrival and carpooling are recommended. You can find the main parking lot at 5150 Upper Ridge Rd, West Valley City, UT 84118.


The venue’s new Gold parking guarantees a fast exit at the end of the night and costs $50. The Gold parking lot is situated conveniently close to the SOUTH entrance. You are guaranteed out of the lot within 30 minutes of the show ending so stay and enjoy the encore and still get home in a timely manner.

This section costs $100 per vehicle, is close to the gates, and guarantees exit within 30 minutes of the show ending. Only limited spots are available, and oversized vehicles may be subject to additional fees.

The GPS address for the Gold Lot is 5174 Westridge Blvd.

Head to 5174 South Westridge Blvd, West Valley City, UT 84118, for the venue’s Gold parking lot.


The Premium Lot is conveniently located near the main entrance.

If you wish to upgrade your parking spot, head to 5150 S. Upper Ridge Road for the Premium lot. It costs $50 per car, is closer to venue gates, and has a dedicated exit lane. Only limited spaces are available, and no oversized vehicles are allowed.

The GPS address for the Premium Lot is 5150 S. Upper Ridge Road.

Accessible Parking

Parking for special needs is accessible from 5600 West (the address is 5215 South, Westridge Blvd. for navigational purposes). In order to park in one of the clearly marked spaces, a permit for disability parking is required – and please be prepared to have this permit verified.

Utah First Credit Union Amphitheater (formerly USANA Amphitheatre) is proud to offer a green-friendly parking solution – their innovative carpool program. Start the fun early and ride with friends, saving both gas and space at the venue. To reward this active step at reducing emissions and protecting our planet, participating vehicles can claim prime parking spots and enjoy a separate entrance with no lines!

Please note that space in this designated lot is on a first come, first served basis, so arrive on time to secure your spot.

Other Options

You may also use the following parking lots subject to your vehicle and ticket type:

  • VIP/box seats parking at 5150 South Westridge Blvd, West Valley City, UT 84118 (requires a pass or being on the parking list.)
  • Carpool parking areaclose to the box office in Lot 1 (you must have four people in the car to enter.)
  • Accessible parking at 5215 South Westridge Blvd (requires a disability parking permit.)
  • Motorcycle parking is available in the main parking lot at no extra charge.