Santana & Counting Crows at Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre

Santana & Counting Crows Tickets

Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre | Salt Lake City, Utah

Santana & Counting Crows

Rock tunes from two legendary bands will ring loudly in the walls of Utah First Credit Union Amphitheater this August 21 as Santana and Counting Crows will team up for an evening filled with rock hits that will satisfy the rocker in you. As part of their "Oneness Tour," the two iconic acts will stop at Utah's famous venue to entertain their fans. And if you are one of their dedicated fans, you are in for a treat because you will get to witness the legendary Carlos Santana show off his guitar-slinging skills while performing his high-energy and passion-filled hits spanning five decades. Every Santana fan will be thrilled to know that the tour also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the iconic record Supernatural. Counting Crows, on the other hand, will sport their music from their latest project, "Butter Miracle, Suite One." However, it wouldn't be complete without them performing their career-defining hits, such as "Round Here," "Mr. Jones," "Big Yellow Taxi," "A Long December," and many others. Hearing these songs' titles already brings nostalgia. How much more if you are there in the venue singing your heart out while they are performed live. Well, don't just imagine it. Experience Santana and Counting Crows this August 21! Get your tickets now!

Latin rock became prominent halfway through the 20th century. It blossomed in Latin countries and slowly inched its way to the US mainstream music. The band behind the term "Latin rock" and the important figure for its wide popularity is Santana. Their fusion of Latin American and Caribbean rhythms with rock was a new sound. From the get-go, Santana was established as a game-changer in the rock scene. Through the years, they gained success. The band was already a powerhouse in the 70s, but their popularity broke boundaries (both literally and figuratively) when they reached their peak in the 90s. They are responsible for "Supernatural," one of the defining records of the decade. Due to their huge influence on rock, they are legends among legends and are considered true trailblazers.
Also breaking out in the mainstream at the same time as Santana, Counting Crows became instant 90s rock royalty. As for their rise to success, they were propelled by angst. The playing field during the latter years of the 90s became their time to dominate. This is thanks to their alt-rock style that influences roots rock. Their appeal to classic rock fans was strong during those years. "August and Everything After" was a highlight of 1994. They then doubled it down in 1996 with "Recovering the Satellites." When the rock scene evolved as the 21st century came, so did Counting Crows. "Hard Candy" brought a unique energy in 2002. Like Santana, they, too, are perceived as the best of the best.
When two revolutionary rock bands come together for a tour, it is going to be the greatest time. Well, the Santana x Counting Crows tour is happening this year. Twenty-nine cities will experience the "Oneness Tour" this summer. They will kick it off on June 14 at the Hard Rock Live in Florida and will move up north to Canada before wrapping on September 2 at the Footprint Center in Arizona.
The Utah First Credit Union Amphitheater will experience the powerful performance of the two bands this coming August 21. Mark your calendars. Get ready for the heat and electric energy at this concert.

Santana & Counting Crows at Utah First Credit Union Amphitheatre

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